How to Apply to become a Poetry Contributor

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Qualified Poets may advertise and promote their poetry Chapbooks from our site for a small monthly fee and a one-time setup charge. We reserve the right to decide what type of Poetry and which Poets will be on our pages. If you would like to participate with us, then fill out the information request below and mail it to:

Poetry Contributors
P.O. Box 8246
Round Rock, TX 78683

If you are a Poet who qualifies, then we will supply you with our agreement and the requirements of our normal business practices. Please do not be discouraged if you do not qualify for any of the four areas. If you feel your work improves, matures, or become appropriate at some later time, then please re-apply.

Required Information

Submit all (each) of Your Original Chapbooks with a cover letter stating in which webpage (URL) they should appear. Please study the individual web pages above for the definition of what we are looking for. Your submissions will not be returned, but some of them may be stored by us for future reference. You will be notified via email within 6 weeks whether or not your Chapbooks qualify. Do not contact us before this time.

Mail to Poetry Contributors:

Original Chapbooks with cover letters.
Your Current Resume.
Mailing address.
Home address.
Home phone #.
Email address.

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