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Have you ever wanted to buy a book of poetry that you could read to your child during the day or before sleep at night, that was easy for your child to memorise? If your child was going to remember the words into adulthood, wouldn't you want a good message that would help them throughout their life? Well, the time has come!

Have you ever wanted to write a book for children?


Poetic Form.
Easy to memorise.
Teaches good morals and ethics.
Each page is a short poem.
No Witches, Ghosts, Gothic, Majik, or New Age.
Upbeat, and fun. Not Preachy.

If you have written an Unpublished Book for children that meets our Criteria:

Email a representitive sample of it (10 Pages Max.) and send a query letter (No Graphics, Please!!), with your copyright clearly affixed, to:,

Snail mail complete text (No Graphics, Please!!) to:
NorRem Publishing at P.O. Box 7085, Burbank CA, USA.

Please do not be discouraged if your book does not qualify for publication. If you feel your work improves, matures, or become appropriate at some later time, then please re-apply. Your submissions will not be returned, but some of them may be stored by us for future reference. You will be notified via email within 8 weeks whether or not your Book qualifies. Do not contact us before this time.

If you have written a Chapbook (10-20 Poems) that meets our Criteria, and would like information about being a Poet Contributor, then click here.

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